OathMD is a
Marketplace Connecting

Physicians & Patients.

Over 500 practices list on our marketplace, located in 35 states, with
over 3 million patients. We help physicians acquire and retain patients.

Your practice before OathMD

But your business after OathMD…

Has everything you need to grow your practice all in one place. No need to spend on advertisements, managing your Yelp page, or subscribing to different platforms with no interoperability. We take care of marketing and advertising; you take care of your patients.

Here’s what you get by listing your
practice on OathMD


Get access to over millions of patients who
use OathMD to find their doctor

Like Airbnb for hosts, listing your practice on OathMD is completely free. Patients will discover your practice generating an additional revenue stream, fill last minute openings, and add new patients to your panel.



Everything in one place

On OathMD we connect everything in one place from booking, checkout, telemedicine, analytics…it all works seamlessly together so you can focus on your patients instead of administrative work.



Get paid on your terms

100% of our patients pay by cash. Simple, seamless integration with Stripe and PayPal gets you paid easier, faster. From recurring to one-time to trial payment plans to one-click upsells, OathMD does it all.



Data driven insights

Make informed decisions with thoughtful, real-time insights into your business. View reports, forecasting, progress tracking, and see how patients are engaging with your business. Then make your next move feeling confident in your data.


OathMD is everything your practice needs,
no plugins or integrations required

But if you just can’t let go of your favorite tools, we play nice with them, too. 😊

Real People. Real Results

When you build on OathMD, you’re reaching millions of patients, joining 500+ practices, physicians, and entrepreneurs — you know, people like you.

When you succeed
We succeed

24/7 Support

Our customer experience team is available to answer your questions at any time, day or night.

Vibrant Community

Get answers, offer support, and share your excitement with our engaged community of fellow physicians, entrepreneurs, experts and influencers.

Constantly Improving

We’re constantly adding new powerful tools to make your life easier. From AI intake, chat bot triaging, and much more.

Since we’re both serious about your business let’s make it official. List your practice on OathMD for free.

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